the FLOW continues

The FLOW keeps flowing...

During studying my honours degree in 2005, I leant so much about the concept of 'flow' and its relationships to songwriting and the creative process. I know now that writers block isn't because there is nothing coming to you, but that there is just too much going on at that particular time. When our lifestyles are busy, so too are our minds, overloaded with excess information, technology and communication, we cannot physically and mentally find the space to create organically. Once we find time, space, solitude, quiet, and even during boredom, there is room within ourselves to allow flow to continue, bringing on new ideas, a strum of a guitar or brush strokes on a canvas. 

The flow is beautiful and it feels great.

This July I will be touring in Northern Germany with my band Riddle & The Stars, on the back of an exclusive tour release album 'New Coastline'. It's an exciting time to share music, emotion and connection with my good friends and people allow the way. This album is finished and will only be available for sale at shows during the tour. We hope you can be a part of the experience and help us to have a great tour this summer. 

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