New album in the making.

It's been over 1 year since I released my EP 'FLOW'. Since then I've been exploring new paths in life and planning a sustainable future for myself and partner. Since my guitars got stolen on our last European tour I have been without guitars so I haven't been in the writing phase and was feeling a little lost without my 2 favourite guitars.

I was recently gifted a new guitar for my birthday which has suddenly inspired me to finish songs I was working on, and in writing new ones. 

I'll be planning to release a special digitise online release only. My reasons for not pressing cd's anymore is that it does not align with my thoughts about mass production/ waste and the environment. There is already enough pollution on our planet so I do not wish to create more. My passion is to limit waste and reuse what waste we have, so it for that reason I'll be doing a special album release with lots of artwork, lyrics and extras. 

Right now I'm currently recording in my cosy little home studio in France and hope to be finished for a release by end of the summer. The album name is called 'Nidelk' based on a dream I had with my late grandfather. 

I hope you are all well, healthy, safe and happy.  

Write to me and say hi, i would like that very much.  


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