French adventure - blog 2


Rain rain and more rain. So much so that most of the towns outside of Paris are flooded, including a friends house. So much rain and no where for the water to go. I blame poorly designed farms and over landscaping land.

The search continues for land and a van of which I think I have found.

The van is a 1984 Renault camping car, heaps of space, beds, toilet, shower, kitchen and ready to drive. Super excited. It sleeps 5 people, so pack your bag and come along.

Also spending time in the south here has been great and confirms the nature of synchronicity and in actions towards positive signs. Meeting people here has revealed some insightful information about the area, such as Rabastens is undertaking steps to become a transition town like in Totnes UK. This is great to know and a good sign of a region we would love to participate and be apart of. Also we found out there is a Dutch man in his late 60's living on lots of land here who has been searching someone or people to begin a permaculture project on his land. His land is huge and beautiful and just wants to share it and make something special. This could be a wonderful project, meaning we could still do the permaculture project but not have to buy the land. An idea that could develop after we meet with him in a week. He also has a 2 story yurt for our friends and another house empty on the land..... It couldn't be more perfect. Like a giant window opening and filling us with fresh air :)

Signs are good and everything feels right. Don't you just love that feeling.

A beautiful quiet road. Walking in the rain. 

A beautiful quiet road. Walking in the rain. 

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