The bounty

I often find it difficult to stick to one thing at a time. It comes from my ability to see opportunity in everything.

The eye of coburg.

The eye of coburg.

Whilst  I've just recorded an EP, I cannot help but focus on another before it is even finished. I'm collecting one thing whilst making another. I'm planning a new menu whilst eating tonight's dinner. I'm dreaming of new ventures whilst living this one. I'm lost in thought whilst finding clarity in reality. There is one element that is definite and certain, that is, I'm eliminating possessions and constantly finding new ways to find peace in simplicity, space and non-commercialism. 

I am happy and I'm always grateful for everything. The people around I love dearly and I reflect on our lives together every day.  

There is a limitless bounty of life, awareness and tranquility in our breath, in nature and in the comfort of peaceful exchange. 

I'm soon to bring to you new music and the promise of more musical treats along the way. This new guitar really is feeding the soul, so you too will soon be fed.  

May you all have a spontaneous and happy day.