Wintery Day


Arriving back in Melbourne has been wonderful. I'm all cosy and warm inside the house, with the dog, lots of cups of tea and cooking to warm the soul. 

As well as coming home with a new recording, ideas, a soar neck from the plane and a little Californian sun tan, I returned with a new guitar. She is wonderful and I am very much enjoying her company during these wintery days in Brunswick. I bought a vintage 1960's Harmony Tenor Guitar that has been delicately hand-painted by its previous crafty owner. Lots of new songs are happening and we are enjoying the new creative processes together. 

In the park, rugged up and taking moments to reflect and find awareness is important during this time. Lots has, is and will happen during the year.  

Sharing is caring, so I look forward to new musical creations including my new EP titled 'Flow' that will be coming out at the end of July. Stay tuned and stay warm.  

Ben RiddleComment