Roots breathe

Being back home in Australia feels wonderful. The space, the clean air, the lack of people, less chaos, less intensities, less pollution and more stairs in the sky. I’m happy taking well needed time to be with my family. The days are sunny and full of brightness. The healing process is underway for everyone and we are all at different stages. May the light be strong and the love even stronger. Liberation, happiness and peace for everyone. The new music is evolving and sounded positive, freeing and true, looking forward to sharing it with YOU. 


New perceptions, new creations.

Ok I haven't posted anything in a long while. I'm been travelling in the USA and South America where I was working with the sacred ayahuasca medicine in the Amazon. The experience has been extremely powerful in my psychospiritual development and in my creative endeavours. The jungle and the incredible medicine herself has inspired me to write a new album of work based on poetry and writing whilst in the jungle for 1 month. I'm working on soundscapes, meditation music and some more structured songs. A melodic blend of new creations will come to you soon. Thank you and I am very grateful to the universe.


New Album - 'Nidelk' crowdfunding now.

Hey everyone. The new album is underway and I wanted to share with you my crowdfunding page  to help the release and promotion of 'Nidelk'. 

Take a look and choose some great rewards such as eco-friendly jewellery, organic healthcare products, original recipes, house concerts, secret gifts etc, all handmade by myself.   

I hope to share this new album with you towards the end of November. I'm looking for your support to make it possible.  

Here is the link.


New album in the making.

It's been over 1 year since I released my EP 'FLOW'. Since then I've been exploring new paths in life and planning a sustainable future for myself and partner. Since my guitars got stolen on our last European tour I have been without guitars so I haven't been in the writing phase and was feeling a little lost without my 2 favourite guitars.

I was recently gifted a new guitar for my birthday which has suddenly inspired me to finish songs I was working on, and in writing new ones. 

I'll be planning to release a special digitise online release only. My reasons for not pressing cd's anymore is that it does not align with my thoughts about mass production/ waste and the environment. There is already enough pollution on our planet so I do not wish to create more. My passion is to limit waste and reuse what waste we have, so it for that reason I'll be doing a special album release with lots of artwork, lyrics and extras. 

Right now I'm currently recording in my cosy little home studio in France and hope to be finished for a release by end of the summer. The album name is called 'Nidelk' based on a dream I had with my late grandfather. 

I hope you are all well, healthy, safe and happy.  

Write to me and say hi, i would like that very much.  



On my way home

After a US tour and two seperate tours in Europe this year, it's nice to be back in Australia for a short time enjoying the summer and seeing all my favourite people.

The warmest of greetings from my little Melbourne town.

No shows planned whilst I'm back in Australia but I'll be finishing writing a brw selection of songs for a new album released online next year.

There are also plans for new recordings with my band Riddle & The Stars for a new EP.  

Lots of plans and many more for when I return to France at the start of the year...  

Much love from and take care of yourselves.  


tour is going well..

After a rough start to the tour everything is going somewhat more smoothly. I have been having some wonderful shows and i've met some fantastic people along the way. thank you for all of your support and generosity. i always enjoy coming back and touring in Northern Germany. There is just over a week of the tour left, so its slowly coming to an end. It's summer, the sun is out, the beers are flowing and the music is fun.


playing to a sunset.

playing to a sunset.

oh no!!!!!

SO.......i just arrived yesterday in Bremen....played a show last night....van broke down just after i arrived at the venue.....played the show.....had a free sauna 3 hour session (amazing).... (gig was at a huge sauna house)...tow truck came the next morning and almost hit a bridge on the way out... it scrapped the top of the camping car......then he reversed and smashed the van into a fence.....maybe a ride-off!!! Now i am using a small zip car from the towing company....i just got back to the artist flat......exhausted!
oh .....and i have a show tonight... gros merde!!

Thanks to Mona i don't think i could have got through it all without you! you are the best. thank you.

Every step is a new one.

Busy here in Paris working a show that has been choreographed for my song 'eyes closed' from the album Free As A Bird.  

The piece has also been performed on stage here in a theatre in Paris. A second video is being filmed tomorrow for another version and location. For the new video I'll be singing in French, having worked on translating the lyrics it's time to sing it in French as part of a requirement from the cultural ministry of French arts. Reason for this is the need for French content. This is an exciting and new challenge for me, and it could mean that the piece may be excepted to showcase in Africa this year. How awesome would that be!!!!

Exciting news and lots to get done before the tour starts on July 1st.  

thats all for now...